Upgrade to the Island IT Tracker APP

Just in time for Christmas, the new Island IT Tracker APP has been released with a new UI, new features and functionality such as

- Dashboards
- Sensor information page
- Support page
- Quick access to useful features
- a new UI for Fleets


Island IT's GPS tracker smartphone APP has been completely redesigned to meet our customers’ growing demands and improve the user experience with a brand-new interface, new features and improved existing features.


Engineers are always hard at work to enhance the capabilities of our smartphone APP. The latest version of our APP allows you to locate your objects on the map in real-time, adjust your tracker settings, set up alarms and top-up your devices quicker and easier. Manage your tracking devices and access tracker settings on your smartphone with a faster and more user-friendly APP that works in sync with your fleet account.


You will be able to obtain detailed information about your devices such as travel distance, route history, event alerts, speed and the location of your vehicles or mobile assets. With the event alerts and regular location updates; you can make informed decisions or plan your travels accordingly. Island IT's APP is a powerful online tool that allows individuals and businesses to locate and track their vehicles and assets on your mobile devices.


Email tracker@islandit.im or call us for a demonstration.

Posted by Andy Kirk